• We Drive the Jeep Wrangler Switchback Concept with Unique Topless and Bottomless Doors

    Every year at the Easter Jeep Safari, Jeep Performance Parts and/or Mopar show us a serious off-roader that can (mostly) be built by using their components and the Jeep Switchback Concept is that vehicle. While not as exciting as the Jeep Quicksand Concept, the Jeep Switchback has a few cool components that may be developed for future components.

    The rear roof section “Safari Half Top” has upper roof-sill glass (like the Landrover Discovery) and it makes the interior light up. There is a unique double basket roof rack that looks production ready too. While the half doors are, basically, cut-down stock doors, with glass removed and holes cut in the center of each, they look pretty cool.

    The power-dome/vented hood is a concept too. Although, it sounds like this hood could reach production. The rest of the vehicle is primarily made up of Jeep Performance Part catalogue components. Add the few customized bits and the slick roof combo and you have an aspirational Jeep that has real potential.

    I kind of wish they went mental on the Jeep Switchback Concept and installed a rocket-powered ejection seat or grenade launcher. Still, it looks good and it was one of the most driver-friendly vehicles Jeep had on display.

    Enjoy the video!

    Nathan Adlen
    Nathan Adlen
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