• Easy Fill Tire Alert: Cool Hidden Technology You Didn’t Know About [Video]

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    New cars these days come with a plethora of technology features to make your life easier. However, companies don’t always have the time to advertise every feature they come out with. In the case of new Nissans, you may have technology that you didn’t know about. Specifically, I am referring to Nissan’s Easy Fill Tire alert system.

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    How it Works

    The system is very easy to use. Say you have a tire that is low on air: Simply find an air pump, hook it up, turn on the car, and the Easy Fill Tire Alert system does the rest. To notify you that the tire is inflating with air, the car will flash its hazard lights. Once the air reaches the manufacturer-recommended pressure, the vehicle will alert you by honking the horn. Note: The car must be on for this to work.

    This system really makes the process of filling a much less painful experience. No more dealing with poor quality pressure gauges, checking and filling over and over again until you are at the desired pressure. Simply turn on the car, hook up the pump and wait for the beep.

    If you have a new Nissan, this may be a piece of technology that you had and didn’t even know about.

    Please be sure to watch the whole video for a demonstration of the technology in action.

    Also be sure to stay tuned to TFLcar.com for more cool technology demos.

    Michael Curtis
    Michael Curtis
    Michael has always had a passion for things with four wheels and an engine. His parents often joked that his first word was "Porsche." He currently spends his time as a Communications student at CU Boulder and writes for TFL as an intern trying to learn the ways of the automotive journalist. In his spare time, he attends all the local Cars and Coffee events he can possibly make time for.

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    3 thoughts on “Easy Fill Tire Alert: Cool Hidden Technology You Didn’t Know About [Video]

    1. Michael, Nice to know about this, and I wonder if folks will use it. How does the tech work? Is it set to a predetermined psi for the standard mfr-supplied tires for that car? I ask, because I now have replacement tires and fill them to higher psi for handling I want. So does the tech work only on a specific tire, or does it do a dynamic sensing of the tire that’s on the car at the moment?

    2. Nice video. BTW your air compressor will last longer if you put the intake filter on, rather than leaving it detached and just sitting on the floor.

      TFL Rocks!

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