• 2016 Lexus ES 300h hybrid review: Practicality with sparkling fuel economy

    2016 Lexus ES 300h Hybrid

    The 2016 Lexus ES 300h gas/electric hybrid sedan is a no-brainer for the average fuel/environmental-conscious owner. It's fuel-stingy, roomy, smooth and upscale enough to cause neighbors to nod in approval. Appearance changes are fairly modest to this mid-sized, front-drive sedan. It has a redesigned front fascia, with a "bolder" one-piece version

    2016 Toyota Highlander Hybrid second opinion review: A quiet and refined SUV

    EDITOR'S NOTE: TFLcar recently reviewed the 2016 Toyota Highlander Hybrid. This reprinted review by Dan Jedlicka is another opinion of the midsize crossover. Toyota wishes it had less cars and more midsize SUVs such as the quiet, refined Highlander because this vehicle fits in the red-hot midsize SUV/crossover market. This handsome SUV

    2016 Ford Focus Titanium review: A smart blend of sportiness and economy.

    The 2016 Ford Focus delivers a good one-two punch, providing practicality and sportiness. Models range from an economy version with a turbocharged a 1-liter, 123-horsepower three-cylinder engine, an electric model and a turbocharged 2-liter four-cylinder high-performance version with 252 horsepower. New is a super-hot 350-horsepower 2017 RS all-wheel-drive model. Transmissions are a

    2016 Mitsubishi Outlander 3.0 GT S-AWC – Review

    The 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander has a price advantage over major rivals and a 10-year/100,000-mile warranty, but even  the top-of-the-line 3.0 GT S-AWC sport utility lacks the promotional firepower of competitors. Mitsubishi says it has made more than 100 improvements to its 2016 Outlander to make it more stylish and to provide