• The Fast Lane Car and Truck is Now Featured on Amazon Video As a Half Hour Video Series

    If you like The Fast Lane Car and Truck, you'll love TFL's new Amazon Video series that features TFL's most popular videos edited into a half-hour show. From TFL's acclaimed Hot or Not Leaderboard series to our crazy off-road adventures to our unique and popular Mashup reviews to our comprehensive and

    Ask TFL: What is the Best Active Lifestyle AWD Car for a Camping & Skiing Gal?

    Katheryne recent wrote us with this great question. Let's all help her out so she can buy the perfect car for her active lifestyle. Katheryne writes: Hello – I have not had a car in 5 years.  And after renting a car for $300 this past weekend and taking it to Yampa,

    R.I.P. VW Jetta Hybrid: Volkswagen’s Only American Hybrid Goes Away in 2017

    Volkswagen recently announced that there will be no 2017 Jetta Hybrid. That's a real shame. Unlike almost every other hybrid available in America, VW's take on the hybrid-powered car is actually fun to drive. When a manufacturer builds a hybrid, they make several important decision. Will car car skew toward fuel efficiency (read: