• The TFL Top 5 Best and Most Sales Challenged Current Car Names

    Bentley Betayga

    It's that time of year when automotive journalist like to compile lists. Next week you'll see lots of year-end round-up stories and lists. But today I thought I'd get ahead of the curve and give you my personal list of the Top 5 Best and Most Sales Challenged current cars

    Is It Time to Breakup the Volkswagen Group into 12 Individual Companies?

    Last year I had the chance to visit VW's hometown of Wolfsburg in Germany. I was struck by Hitler's old Beetle factory that is still churning out new cars and being the hub of VW's massive wheel of car, truck and motorcycle manufacturing.  In fact, from Wolfsburg, the Volkswagen Group

    Does VW Cheating on U.S. Pollution Tests Mean the German Automaker Just Doesn’t Understand America?

    When the automotive crap hits the fan, it is always on a Friday. And so it was today we learned that Volkswagen admitted that it had sold 482,000 diesel cars in the U.S. since 2009 by writing vehicle software to only activate anti-pollution controls during EPA emissions testing. U.S. officials allege

    Jeep Needs Some Serious Competition Soon [Op/Ed]

    The Very Off-Road Worthy but very old JK

    It is often said that competition improves the breed. I completely agree. That's why it is high time that an auto manufacturer, besides Jeep, realized that off-road ability and prowess sells. Today's American new car buyers are looking for cars that do more than just go from point A to point B. They