• TFL Top 10: Best used cars under $5,000 [Video]

    What’s a great vehicle a person can buy for under $5,000? TFL’s Roman Mica and Nathan Adlen scoured Craigslist ads in Denver recently to find out what type of vehicles are available to the average person looking for something under $5,000. The TFL guys have experience with all the vehicles that made

    Volkswagen Announces Preliminary Approval of Dieselgate Settlement Program [Breaking News]

    2015 Volkswagen Golf

    In the latest update on the "dieselgate" scandal, it's been announced that a preliminary approval of the settlement has been reached. According to a press release from Volkswagen, a U.S. judge has granted the preliminary approval of the settlement agreement from a few weeks ago. Once the final approval is given,

    TFLcar exclusive: New letter from VW dealer to TDI owner gives settlement timeline [Breaking News]

    2014 volkswagen passat review

    Last week, TFLcar brought you an exclusive letter from a Volkswagen dealer to the owner of a 2015 Passat TDI. Now, a follow-up letter has been sent that outlines timelines for the settlement. According to the letter, which was given to a TFLcar staffer, the buybacks are supposed to start in

    Want to see a letter from a dealer to a VW TDI owner? It’s right here [Dieselgate update]

    Unsold VWs sit in a dealer's lot in Appleton.

    A TFL staffer has a friend who received the following letter from the dealer who sold him a 2015 Passat TDI that was affected by the scandal commonly known as "dieselgate." You know it's serious when it ends in "gate." Anyway, see the letter below. Hello Everyone, I thought I would try