• Honda, Toyota rank high in yearly Kogod Made in America index; GM brands top list

    refreshed 2016 Honda Accord

    Honda and Toyota may be Japanese car manufacturers but some of their cars are more American than their names suggest. The Honda Accord ranked fifth and the Toyota Camry and Sienna ranked eighth in the 2016 Kogod Made in America Auto Index. The American University Kogod School of Business in Washington,

    2016 Cadillac CT6: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know [Video]

    2016 Cadillac CT6

    The 2016 Cadillac CT6 is the brand's all-new flagship model aimed at cars like the BMW 5- and 7-series and the Mercedes-Benz S-class. The car has an all-new architecture that emphasizes low mass while also providing structural rigidity where needed. It uses a combination of lightweight materials and clever engineering to

    2016 Cadillac CTS-V Sedan Test Drive: Ready to Rumble in Style [Review]

    2016 Cadillac CTS-V

    After just having finished a week-long stint in the Chevrolet’s 2016 Corvette ZO6 Convertible, I was blessed with the good fortune to trade it for a 2016 Cadillac CTS-V Sedan. You may question the “good fortune” reference in moving from the ‘Vette ZO6 ragtop to a Cadillac sedan, but the Cadillac

    Important Debuts at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show

    Scion C-HR Concept | LA Auto Show

    The Los Angeles Auto Show unofficially marks the beginning of the car show season and packs some very important announcements, not just for North America, but global ones, too. No less than 26 cars, SUVs, trucks and concepts debuted at the 2015 L.A. Auto Show, which will be important to

    2017 Cadillac XT5 North American Debut – 2015 L.A. Auto Show [Video]

    Cadillac XT5

    Cadillac showed off the successor to its SRX, the all-new 2017 XT5 SUV, at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show. The SRX has been Cadillac's best seller in a segment that's becoming increasingly important for luxury automakers, so there's little room for error in this new vehicle. “The all-new XT5 not only enters the

    2016 Cadillac ATS-V 0-60 MPH Review: A Fast and Fun Caddy with a Big Engine [Video]

    2016 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe

    When the GM engineers planted a twin-turbo V6 with a high and mighty output of 464 horsepower and 445 lb-ft of torque in its small coupe or sedan, it brought the Cadillac ATS-V into territory shared with the BMW M3/M4 and Mercedes AMG C63. Comfortably adept when driven as a