• Clemson University uBox Concept Solves Unique Manufacturing Technique [News]

    Clemson University UC-ICAR uBox concept vehicle

    uBox is a futuristic-looking concept car that was developed by the graduate students from Clemson University's International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR). Code name Deep Orange, the concept was built from soup-to-nuts in collaboration with Toyota Motor North America and got the students involved in every aspect of automotive development.

    Jeep Shortcut Concept – Watch the Video from the Easter Jeep Safari Here!


    The Jeep Shortcut concept is one of the simplest designs here at the 2016 Easter Jeep Safari but it is resonating with people (present company included) in a major way. Call it nostalgic, call it retro, or call it just plain cool. The Shortcut is an example of when less

    Genesis Luxury Brand Hints at Future Design with New York Concept [NYIAS]

    Hyundai New York Concept front 3/4

    GENESIS revealed its hybrid sports sedan concept -- code name New York Concept -- at the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS). The luxury concept highlights what GENESIS calls its 'Athletic Elegance' design that we first saw in the Vision G concept, and later in production with the Genesis G90

    Watch Video of the 707-hp Jeep Trailcat Concept from the 2016 East Jeep Safari!


    Well folks, here it is in the flesh: the monstrous Jeep Trailcat concept from the 2016 Jeep Easter Safari in Moab, UT. Each year, Jeep and Mopar bring amazing vehicles to Utah to demonstrate what can be done with the right combination of imagination, engineering, and testosterone. This one takes the

    Toyota Renames the FR-S as the 86, New Features Debut at the New York Auto Show

    2017 Toyota 86

    Toyota, with the help of Subaru, built one of the best pure sports cars in recent memory and then gave it the completely uninspired name of "Scion FR-S." Now that the Scion brand will be folded into Toyota in 2017, the company finally bowed to popular demand and renamed it the

    Jeep Trailstorm Concept: Is this Barbie’s Next Jeep? [2016 Easter Jeep Safari]

    Filled with Jeep Performance Parts and Mopar products, the Jeep Trailstorm Concept is a prime example of what can be accomplished by using catalogs and a bit of ingenuity. Many of the additional components, like the bedliner and "concept" fast-back soft-top may or may not make it into production. Considering

    The Jeep Renegade Commander Concept has Production Potential [2016 Easter Jeep Safari]

    At first glance, the Jeep Renegade Commander Concept looks like a slightly lifted Jeep Renegade. Looking closer (and reading the press release) you'll see there's more going on. The Jeep Renegade Commander Concept is a full-tilt, off-road package that takes the (already off-road-worthy) platform to another level. Some of these

    Jeep Shortcut Concept Goes Back to the 1950s [2016 Easter Jeep Safari]


    The Jeep Shortcut Concept embodies many of the original elements that made Jeep so popular on the trail. Back in the day, no other vehicle had the dimensions and capability of the tiny Jeep. Built on a modern Jeep Wrangler chassis with nips and tucks to bring down size and