• Copzilla! Meet the Mighty Nissan GT-R Cop Car

    Bad boy, bad boy what you gonna do...when Copzilla comes for you? Let's face it seeing the flashing lights of a police car in your rear view mirror is always a surprise, but what if that surprise is a Nissan GT-R Cop car. This must be every speeders worst nightmare come true

    Mercedes-AMG GT Concept Packs 805 HP and Will Take You to 60 MPH in Under 3.0 Seconds [2017 Geneva Motor Show]

    The Mercedes-AMG GT Concept sedan is finally here, and the initial specifications are mind-blowing. This is a case of Mercedes bringing successful Formula 1 technology to a consumer-based package as embodied by this concept car. Mercedes calls the new performance gas/electric hybrid system - "EQ Power+". The company claims 805 total