• Does the Ford GT Digital Gauge Cluster Video Confirm 216 MPH Top Speed?

    Ford released a video featuring the new digital gauge cluster on the Ford GT supercar. Naturally, the configurable digital display is very cool. When the driver selects between the five available driving modes: Normal, Wet, Sport, Track, and V-Max (Top Speed); different information is highlighted on the display. The video demonstrates

    Ford just made its autonomous Fusion hybrids a lot smarter [News]

    autonomous Ford Fusion

    Ford’s autonomous Fusion Hybrid just got smarter. Ford officials announced recently that it’s releasing its next generation Fusion Hybrid autonomous development vehicle, just before two industry shows in January. The next-generation vehicle has new computer hardware to improve on processing power. It’s electrical controls are also closer to what people will see

    2018 Ford EcoSport spied in the wild! [Video]

    Is Ford testing its 2018 EcoSport on American soil? TFL’s Nathan Adlen and Andre Smirnov recently spied the new model as it made its way through the mountains of Colorado. During a recent drive, Nathan and Andre saw the cloaked vehicle driving around and got some footage of the new vehicle. The vehicle