• TFL Behind the Scenes #4: Trail Damage and How to Best Review the New Nissan Armada [Video]

    When going off road can you expect damage to your vehicle? And how does the new Nissan Armada do in those conditions? TFL’s Roman Mica and Andre Smirnov wanted to find out recently when test driving the Ford Raptor and the Nissan Armada. Roman recently took the Raptor on Webster Pass, which

    Four-banger Mustang vs snow, towing with a BMW x5 50i V8 and Used BMW vs Mercedes-Benz [Ask Nathan]

    Ford Mustang EcoBoost

    In this week's Ask Nathan: EcoBoost Mustang vs snow? BMW x5 50i V8 towing Used BMW vs used Mercedes-Benz! This first question comes from a fan who's thinking about buying a Ford Mustang EcoBoost as a commuter in a snowy community. Hi Nathan, I am a college student planning on buying a used