• Watch an old Honda Civic get some serious air [video]

    honda civic jumping

    It is virtually impossible to make the internet happy. No matter how much time and effort goes into making a video that the YouTube community can watch for free (save for a little time spent sitting through a quick ad), there's always an unimpressed arse in the comments section. One of our

    Guess this filler cap and win respect from your fellow readers

    mini cooper S

    For a bit of fun, we've taken some close up shots of the latest press car that's entered the TFL fleet with the intention of testing your auto-visual awareness. We're sure you instantly recognized this filler cap and guess which car it belongs to but just in case you need more clues,

    Throwback Thursday: Roman and Nathan’s first video together

    Ford Mustang vs Chevy Camaro

    In this week's Throwback Thursday post, we take a look at Roman and Nathan's first appearance in a video together. Over the years the duo has done everything from off-roading Jeep concept vehicles in Moab to testing a hybrid BMW i8 on the track. But from the beginning, one thing TFL has loved

    Want to pimp out your Jeep Wrangler? You could win $10,000 in parts from Extreme Terrain

    Contests usually aren't big news, but when a company is offering $10,000 in Jeep Wrangler parts and free installation, that's pretty big. ExtremeTerrain, a company specializing in aftermarket Jeep Wrangler parts, is running a contest between now and August 22 where the fortunate winner will be able to pick $10,000 worth