• Create Your Own Video Ad, Sell Car for 50 Times its Value

    used 1996 honda accord commercial ad

    A viral video ad on YouTube shows just how far some creativity can get you when you need to sell a car. Last week an eBay seller created a high-quality video of his girlfriend's 1996 Honda Accord to help sell the car. In short order, the cinematic video with professional production values

    Can $70,000 of All Wheel Drive Beat a Hellcat?: Ford Raptor vs Dodge Durango SRT vs Dodge Challenger Hellcat Drag Race [Video]

    In this hard-charging TFLcar video, Tommy, Andre and Roman took to the drag strip to see which $70,000 all-wheel-drive vehicle would win in an all-out drag race. Andre showed up in a brand new Ford F-150 Raptor to race Tommy in a 2018 Dodge Durango SRT. The winner of that