• Automotive Treasure in Cuba Calls to the American Gearhead

    Ford and Chevy on the streets of Cuba

    Finding automotive treasure in Cuba is more than the search for rare automobiles in an isolated nation. The real automotive treasure in Cuba is the discovery of what people can do. Incredible people who make ancient vehicles run despite a lack of automotive resources have interested automotive fans for decades. Cuba

    Why Wait Two Years? Top 5 Hybrids & Electric Cars You Can Buy Today! [Video]


    With all the excitement around the upcoming Tesla Model 3, we though it would be interesting to see what's available for people who want an EV and don't want to wait for it. Luckily, there's a local dealership that specializes in used hybrids and electrics. We caught up with the owner

    Hellcat VS. Jaguar F-Type R: Cat VS. Cat – Ep. 5 [Video]

    This time on Hellcat VS we get to see how the 707 horsepower Challenger performs against England's most awarded sports coupe. While these two cars share a very similar formula, such as their supercharged V8 engines and the angry looking cat badges that sit on both cars, there is also