• Guess this filler cap and win respect from your fellow readers

    mini cooper S

    For a bit of fun, we've taken some close up shots of the latest press car that's entered the TFL fleet with the intention of testing your auto-visual awareness. We're sure you instantly recognized this filler cap and guess which car it belongs to but just in case you need more clues,

    Throwback Thursday: Roman and Nathan’s first video together

    Ford Mustang vs Chevy Camaro

    In this week's Throwback Thursday post, we take a look at Roman and Nathan's first appearance in a video together. Over the years the duo has done everything from off-roading Jeep concept vehicles in Moab to testing a hybrid BMW i8 on the track. But from the beginning, one thing TFL has loved

    Want to pimp out your Jeep Wrangler? You could win $10,000 in parts from Extreme Terrain

    Contests usually aren't big news, but when a company is offering $10,000 in Jeep Wrangler parts and free installation, that's pretty big. ExtremeTerrain, a company specializing in aftermarket Jeep Wrangler parts, is running a contest between now and August 22 where the fortunate winner will be able to pick $10,000 worth

    Automotive Treasure in Cuba Calls to the American Gearhead

    Ford and Chevy on the streets of Cuba

    Finding automotive treasure in Cuba is more than the search for rare automobiles in an isolated nation. The real automotive treasure in Cuba is the discovery of what people can do. Incredible people who make ancient vehicles run despite a lack of automotive resources have interested automotive fans for decades. Cuba