• 2016 Zero DSR Test Ride: An Electric Dual Sport/Adventure Motorcycle [Review]

    2016 Zero DSR electric motorcycle

    Zero Motorcycles is a major award-winning player in the ever-growing electric motorcycle marketplace. The Scotts Valley, California-based company has been producing electric motorcycles since 2006 and I’ve had the opportunity to ride several of their earlier chain drive versions. Newer models have been converted to quieter belt drives and provide

    2016 Victory Gunner Motorcycle Test Ride: A Performance Oriented Bobber [Review]


    In keeping with what seems to be a returning trend in the cruiser motorcycling community, Victory Motorcycles has launched the Victory Gunner, which is executed in a style reminiscent of early “Bobbers”. What is a Bobber you might ask? It is a motorcycle that makes the statement “Less is More”

    2014 / 2015 Honda CTX 700 DCT ABS Test Ride [Review]


    “2014 / 2015 Honda CTX 700 DCT ABS” A Smaller More Advanced Alternative to the CTX 1300 I recently reviewed Honda’s CTX1300, which along with the CTX1300 Deluxe were not officially a part of Honda’s 2015 model line-up but were in such an ample supply in dealer’s showrooms as 2014 models to

    2015 Polaris Sabre EV505 Pedelec Test Ride: Electric Solution to Pollution [Review]


    Initially, this review of the 2015 Polaris Sabre EV505 may seem as somewhat of a departure from the usual scope of what is normally a motorcycle column format, but it really isn’t. After all, early motorcycles were essentially motorized bicycles that could either be pedaled with the benefit of exercise,

    Zero Motorcycles Announces New Products, Prices, Farther Range for 2016 [News]

    2016 Zero Motorcycles

    The list of all-electric powered motorcycles is growing day by day with new players, but Zero Motorcycles has been designing and building zero-emission two-wheelers since 2006. 2016 marks the company's tenth year in the business and comes forth with new products that are more powerful, can go farther, and recharge