• Will the Next Nissan Leaf Challenge the Upcoming 200-Mile Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3? [Op/Ed]

    nissan ids concept leaf ev electric 200 miles

    The electric car battle is heating up as new information about the next generation Nissan Leaf comes to light. A recent published report by Autoblog Green states that Nissan's global director for EV vehicles confirmed that the next Nissan Leaf will have a 60-kWh battery pack. He did not elaborate

    Building your own Jeep Trailcat, Honda HR-V vs Forester and Rockin’ in a Mazda5 [Ask Nathan]


    In this edition of Ask Nathan: How do I build my own Jeep Trailcat? Honda HR-V vs Subaru Forester? Driving to gigs in a Mazda5 Stick! This first question comes from a viewer who wants to build his own Jeep Wrangler Trailcat! Hi there, I am an individual from Minneapolis MN. I was

    Dodge Durango Off-road & Ike Gauntlet, (More) Hyundai Santa Cruz news and Used Honda Element or new Honda Fit? [Ask Nathan]

    2014 Dodge Durango RT

    In this edition of Ask Nathan: The Dodge Durango's off-road abilities? Updates on the Hyundai Santa Cruz? New Honda Fit or used Honda Element? This first question comes from a viewer who wants us to take a Dodge Durango up the Ike Gauntlet and off road! Any possibility of taking a Hemi

    Are special edition packages worth it?

    2016 Jeep Cherokee 75th Anniversary

    Manufacturers of any sort are always out for more sales, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to take a current product, change colors or options, put a "special edition" name on it and sell it for more money. But are these special editions worth it? I thought of

    The Next Hyundai Veloster, Replacing a BMW 328d and Mazda 2 vs Scion xD [Ask Nathan]

    sema 2012 hyundai veloster

    In this edition of Ask Nathan: The Next Hyundai Veloster? Replacing my BMW 328d? Used Mazda2 or used Scion xD? This first question comes from a viewer who is currious about the next Hyundai Veloster. Hi. Any idea what the next Hyundai Veloster will be like? I was thinking about the turbo, it's