• Driving the Campagna V13R and T-Rex 16S three-wheelers [Video]

    Campagna Motors is a small, Quebec-based company that makes three-wheeled, motorcycle-based roadsters, and in this TFL video, both the Harley-Davidson based V13R and the BMW-based T-REX are tested. Campagna V13R Take a Harley Davidson V-twin, an open-top chassis based on a tube frame design, add a bit of exterior whimsy and you have the

    Mustang sales fall, Camaro takes muscle car sales lead for September [News]

    The Ford Mustang couldn’t keep up its stamina in sales for September as the iconic muscle car dropped in sales by almost 23 percent from August to September. The Ford sold 6,429 Mustangs in September, down from 8,299 in August, September sales figures showed. So far the American automobile company sold

    Report: Dodge Challenger AWD is Coming Next Year, Durango SRT as Well [Updated]

    Dodge Challenger GT AWD Concept | 2015 SEMA

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This story originally announced that the Hellcat would be all wheel drive; this is not the case, only the GT version will be all wheel drive. The story and headline have been corrected to reflect these changes. Many have been hoping for this news for some time: an all-wheel-drive