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    We love cars and everything automotive. When we publish reviews we critique cars in several different ways:

    1. Often first impressions are the most honest. Our “Mashup Reviews” are just that – mashups that compare two (or more) similar or especially different cars.
    2. “Driven/First Drive video reviews” are a more comprehensive look at the car and represent the driving impressions gathered over a week or several hours spent driving it.
    3. And of course we also “review” cars using the tried and true method of putting electronic type on our blog for your reading pleasure.

    Reprinting our work

    Every-so-often people and publishers ask to reprint or rebroadcast something we’ve written or produced. If you are in doing so, just send us an email and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


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    1. Boa noite eu sou Angolano e preciso de peças de carro como Isuzu vehin cross como posso contacta-los

      1. We have made some improvements to the home page layout to make it easier to follow. Would you try it out again?

    2. New format is much less informative with many incomplete reviews compared to the prior format and reviewers who actually drove the cars they reviewed. This format is “virtually commercial”. Sorry good-bye TFL bookmark.

      1. We are sorry you feel this way and appreciate your feedback. While the presentation has changed, the content hasn’t. We still strive to provide the best news, views and real-world reviews every day. Could you give us an example of what you mean by “incomplete reviews?”

    3. I wanted to say thank you all for your awesome dedication and work! I went out and purchased a 2015 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk after seeing your videos! Keep them coming!

    4. Hi guys, I live in Brighton, CO and recently purchased a 2016 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk, I was hoping you could tell me which trails you go on to test your vehicles sense I’ve never really been off roading before. Thanks and I love your videos!

      1. There are lots of great trails, but we take most crossovers to the Switzerland Trail above Boulder. It’s open year-round, and it’s closer. However, there are other spectacular trails that open when the snow melts. We recommend you purchase a Colorado 4×4 Trails Book to get the complete list.

    5. My name zee . I love to watch video for those three guy. And some time make me laugh. Most of the car they advertising they actually insulting cars. But really good to watch. They explaining really good Nathin . I m field Engineer with Ericsson and going off road on cell sites. I like to go off road. Driving Nissan Rogue 2015 and Toyota Venza AWD and found this car really really strong. MY COMPANY SEND ME WHERE NO ONE CAN GO .You can not believe at one site 6200 power stroke ford stuck but I made up on the hill. Then I m thinking about your off road test which is joke.

    6. I’ve owned a Acura integra gsr and my beloved 03 srt4 then a Pontiac Grand Prix gt 07 and now a 2016 Chevy sonic loaded LT my point is that on your review with the sonic I just have to agree with you I have the 1.8 just because I don’t see a big enough power difference to make me get one but it is just the most amazing car I’ve owned next to my srt the content is just shockingly great you compared yours to a fiesta my dad bought the new focus for a work car that is just a awful car and even he said maybe I should have gotten a sonic so thanx for the review God bless guys. Brandon wright Goodyear az ps screw the hatch I got the sexy four door lol

    7. Hey guys! Just saw the video about the Hellcat: Hot or Not. Do you think maybe there’s a better/stickier set of street tires out there that could provide better traction for the Hellcat?

    8. Altitude has a litany of phenomena that continually humble the best foresight. The greatest advantage to a mid-size truck is TRACTION. 4X4 or not.

    9. Hi, i just have a question about the mark scion, now that the scion is more, what that bring to the people that own one? Because i want a scion xb and now with that i dont know to get one.

      1. All current Scion cars will be badged as Toyotas and they will be sold in Toyota dealerships. So you will still be able to buy a Scion, but it will be called a Toyota.

    10. Hi Nathan and Andre,
      What car were you driving in when you Spied the jeep wrangler on the recent post this week? The interior looked very comfortable and spacious. Thanks Michael

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