• Twin Turbo Porsche Cayman GT4 On The Horizon

    The Porsche Cayman was conceived of as a more attainable alternative to the flagship Porsche 911, a car that would deliver almost all of the driving pleasure as its big brother at a fraction of the cost. Recently, however, the Cayman has been making a name for itself outside of

    2016 Mercedes-Benz GT AMG Test Mules Spied in Denver

    2016 Mercedes-Benz GT AMG

    Several 2016 Mercedes-Benz GT AMG's sporting camouflage rumbled through the Mile High City during high altitude testing. The new Mercedes-Benz GT AMG is said to be powered by a 4.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 making between (approximately) 455 and 503 horsepower depending on the model. Mercedes-Benz is taking aim squarely at the

    Top 5 Best and Worst Automotive Kickstarters


    Crowd funding is all the rage these days. With good reason, too. Levar Burton, Star Trek's Geordie LaForge and host of the classic show Reading Rainbow, recently had an epic round of Kickstarter funding to resurrect the Reading Rainbow franchise. There are some great automotive Kickstarters out there, but there are

    Best Used Car Under $30,000 [Ask Nathan]

    2014 buick verano nathan adlen

    From day one, The Fast Lane Car has made it our policy to answer as many questions and comments as we can. We get thousands of emails and comments and feel that, as part of a tight-knit automotive community, having an open dialogue with you keeps things fresh and exciting. In