• Video: So how does cash for clunkers work?

    Have you ever wondered what happens to a cash for clunkers car once it is traded for a new car? The cash for clunkers bill specifies that the cars must be junked and crushed, but before any of that happens the dealer kills the engine to make sure the car

    Video: Nissan Leaf electric car revealed

    Nissan in Japan has just removed the wrapping from its newest and affordable electric car called the Leaf. Besides the standard electric car stuff like and limited driving range and a 16-hour recharge time from your home's wall socket, the electric car features some pretty innovative use technology including: 1731

    Cash for clunkers requirements

    Now that the congress is working on a $2 billion  injection of money into the cash for clunkers program the chances look good that the program will continue beyond just this weekend.The cash for clunkers requirements are pretty straightforward once the dealer gets through all of the paperwork. The cash for

    Sturgis web cam offers live views of Annual Rally

    With the arrival of August the 69th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally rolls into the Black Hills once again with the sound of thunder, fury, and of course sex drugs and Rock 'n' Roll. But if you can't be at the Rally this year and your Harley is looking a bit

    Cash for clunkers NOT suspended

    Contrary to many published reports the U.S. government is not suspending the cash for clunkers program that has proved to be so popular that the one billion dollars allocated to the program is close to running out.Both Reuters and the New York Times are reporting that, "The U.S. government will not suspend its