• A day in the life with a Toyota Prius

    Don't get me wrong.I love cars and I love reading about them, but all too often I find the car reviews about a million miles from useful, relevant, and meaningful to my life.All too often the car companies roll out their cars for the herds of automotive journalist

    Internet car bargain of the week

     Do you have about 1.9 million dollars of crazy money that you need to blow on something today.Last year Lamborghini rolled out a handful of these Reventons for the super rich who just have to impress their neighbors with the "best" and "most expensive"  Lamborghini ever produced. 1969

    What cars are hot and what cars are not

    By now you've probably heard of deep discounts and screaming deals car deals from your local newspaper or television station.But what cars are really selling and which ones are not so hot?Peter West is a long time car buyer for AAA Colorado Auto Source. He considers himself a Automotive Therapist,

    Top 5 Cars For Athletes

    With the Summer Olympics just around the corner, I have spent a long painstaking year investigating all the best possible cars for athletes. I have taken hundreds of cars from all the big manufactures and subjected them to a scientific battery of tests specifically designed for your needs. For instance I

    The Most Dangerous Weapon you’ll ever own

    I recall it like it was yesterday.It's hard to believe that it was almost 30-years-ago that I was sitting in my High School Physics class answering a pretty random question the teacher posed.He simply asked, "What's the most dangerous weapon you'll ever own?"Hands shot up and answers streamed in."A huge hunting knife," one

    SRPO (Self Righteous Prius Owner)

    A friend of mine recently sent me THIS link to a story entitled "Toyota Prius proves a gas guzzler in a race with the BMW 520d" from an English Newspaper where two automotive reporters test drove a Prius and a large BMW to Geneva, And guess what? The BMW was not only

    Companies that just don’t “Get It”

    Yesterday I called Home Depot to check on the status of a rebate for some new appliances that we had purchased at Christmas. I got the typical automated operator. After wading through about 7 levels of automated telephone hell I got to the rebate option, hit number 4, and got

    Into the Sea of Oblivion

    Every decade or so people, technology, ideas, culture, and society leap ahead and yet we are still stuck with the Old Ways of doing things. These old ways die-hard. Somebody has to give them a helping push over the cliff and into the sea of oblivion. And that somebody might as well be me.

    Things That Work and Things That Don’t

    I like to think of myself as being on the cutting edge of technology. I think that companies would consider me an early adapter. That is a consumer who tries new technology before it becomes mainstream. I was one of the first people to own a Mac. In fact I still


    This morning when I checked my email I had just over 350 messages in my SPAM folder. People, please, this has got to stop. I suspect the only reason I get so much SPAM is that there are those among us who actually open these messages and bite. Why else