• Quick Take: 2014 BMW 335i GT – Riding China Style

    2014 bmw 335i gt gran turismo

    "GT" in 2014 BMW 335i GT stands for Gran Turismo.  So what is the 3-series Gran Turismo about and can it succeed where 5-series GT could not?  BMW is quick to point out that the 3 GT is a looker.  First impressions are important when choosing a car, and the

    Gallery: BMW CanAm Fall Launch – 2014 BMW X5

    2014 bmw x5 individual new photo v8 turbo

    The BMW CanAm Fall Launch event is a marathon of vehicle launch programs.  It consists of three full days of driving and comparing the latest 2014 vehicles from BMW.  This event highlights the all new 2014 BMW 4-series and the new 2014 BMW X5.  Yesterday, we brought you the gallery

    First Drive: every 2014 Lexus IS kicks ass!

    2014 lexus is sedan sports luxury california

    The 2014 Lexus IS has completely redeemed itself from the previous model which was a good car in its own right. It's not that much quicker, it's not that much larger and the important bits are not that impressive when compared to the last model. Nevertheless, the 2014 Lexus IS