• What will be the dominant powertrain of the future? [Video]

    2016 toyota mirai

    There’s a horserace going on out there among how vehicles will be fueled in the future. Will it be by diesel, gasoline, electric or hydrogen fuel cell? TFL’s Roman Mica and Andre Smirnov recently looked at diesel engines and wanted to see if diesel is the future or if it isn’t. They

    Spied: New Geo Metro Diesel High Altitude Testing in Colorado

    geo metro diesel

    Recently, TFL's Technical Editor Brian Waring spotted this obvious GM prototype highway and high altitude testing on I-25 near Castle Rock, Colorado. While much of the car is undisguised, keen-eyed observers will note that it bears a strong resemblance to the previous generation GEO Metro. The Metro was known for being

    Dieselgate Update: VW Could Pay $5,000 to Each Customer or Buy Back Their Car [News]

    2014 volkswagen jetta tdi vw review

    According to a leading German newspaper, Die Welt, Volkswagen could be ready to settle the "dieselgate" lawsuit over its installation of illegal software that allowed diesel vehicles to cheat emissions testing. If true, the settlement would result in the automaker paying customers affected by the scandal $5,000 each. With 600,000