• SEMA 2015: Ford Brings Six Tuned ST Hatchbacks

    Ford Focus ST by Rally Innovations

    Attending Las Vegas' SEMA is a pilgrimage for any domestic car enthusiast, and Ford is embracing its fanbase at this year's show. The company will display six Ford STs with unique aftermarket tuning from November 3-6––here are the highlights for each of the hot hatches. 1) Ford Focus ST by CJ Pony Parts With an upgraded

    Is the 2013 Shelby Focus ST the muscle car of the future?

    Shelby is moving into the future without good ol' Carroll Shelby around with the 2013 Shelby Focus ST . Still, this little Focus ST was in the planning stages while he was alive - I think. What does this car offer over the already outrageous Ford Focus ST? As near as I can