• Update: 2013 BMW X3 28i M Sport

    2013 BMW X3 28i M Sport

    It has been almost two months since we've mentioned any update on our long term test vehicle, a 2013 BMW X3 28i M Sport. So far, we've logged a hair over 5300 miles on the odometer, have made 15 trips to the grocery story and have hauled home some large

    Update: Everyday Living With The 2013 BMW X3 28i

    2013 BMW X3 28i M Sport

    In the second month of testing this pricey, yet well-performing 2013 BMW X3 28i M Sport, I have yet to encounter any maintenance issues, rattles or hisses. That's reassuring, because with a sticker of $52,725 (includes destination of $895) I'm pretty much expecting perfection. If there were an annoying, buzzing sound