• 2018 Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 Adventure: How Do These Family Crossovers Handle the Snow? [Video Review]

    2018 Toyota RAV4 Adventure on snow

    CR-V vs. RAV4 Adventure - which one of these compact family crossovers is better on the snow? In standard spec, the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 are perfectly capable family crossovers. Both are comfortable, practical, and offer a wide array of features for the families who buy them. However, in snow-prone

    Drunken Olympic Skier Arrested After Allegedly Stealing a Pink Hummer at Winter Olympics [Breaking News]

    pink hummer

    According to breaking reports, Canadian cross country skier David Duncan tried to steal a Pink Hummer while intoxicated early Saturday morning When you think "Winter Olympics", you'd normally think of all the athletic events, the medals, competing for glory. What normally wouldn't spring to mind is an early morning, drunken car

    Ford Executive Raj Nair Fired Following Misconduct Allegations [News]

    Raj Nair fired

    Ford's VP of Product Development Raj Nair is out following allegations of 'inappropriate behavior' Earlier today, Ford announced the departure of Raj Nair, who was responsible for Ford's North American business operations, following misconduct allegations. He's the company's highest ranking member to be dismissed in light of greater scrutiny around corporate