New national legislation that promotes sexy, eco-friendly transportation


A new bill in Congress, the FREEDOM Act of 2009, bill S271, would expand electric car tax credits from 250,000 vehicles 500,000 vehicles.

For automotive enthusiast a new bill working its way through Congress is about as exciting as a new Chinese plug in car, but wait. According to CNN the bill would also expand "tax credits beyond conventional four-wheel automobiles to include
three-wheel and two-wheel vehicles, as well as low-speed neighborhood
electric cars."

That means that electric motorcycles like the Enertia Bike built by Oregon based Brammo would also qualify for the potential tax credit.

And the Enertia is something that automotive enthusiast can get excited about.

The carbon fiber bike has a range of 45 miles, a top speed of 50 MPH, and a battery charge time of 3 hours and a fun factor of 100 smiles per volt.

Check out the video below:

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Roman Mica
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