Tiny car races a small plane: which is faster?

Tiny and inexpensive cars can get a bad rap sometimes.

Some people think that just because a car is tiny it means that it is also slow.

I wanted to prove that a tiny car can not only be fuel efficient but also fast—so what better way to prove it than to race a small plane.

The goal: to see which one would win.

The contest: Race a Scion XD against a small plane from a standing start.

The race: The winner would be determined by a simple test. Would the tiny Scion be ahead or behind the plane as it took into the air?

If the Scion was ahead of the plane before all of the plane's wheels left the ground, the tiny car wins. On the other hand if the Scion was behind of the plane as it left the ground, the tiny car losses.

So what happened?

Watch the video below and find out:

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