Is the new Lexus IS 350 convertible the fastest topless car in the world?


Lexus has jumped into the deep end of the hardtop convertible business with the new IS 250C and 350C drop tops.

Both cars are aimed right at the heart of the BMW 3 series hardtop convertible, and here's what Lexus was thinking when it built the car from scratch.

Instead of selling both a two door hardtop coupe, and a two door convertible hardtop like the folks from Munich, why not just offer a two door hardtop convertible and give customers two cars in one?

With the magic of over two dozen electric motors Lexus claims it has created the fastest hard to convertible in the world.

Mind you not in terms mile per hour, but in terms of seconds to go from top to topless.

Did they succeed?

Check out this short video review from the recent press launch of the IS 350C in Little Rock, Arkansas to find out.

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