Lexus ISC 350 Convertible: first drive impression in AR


I could not help but tweet the following sitting in the passenger seat of the new Lexus IS350 convertible:

"Test riding the new Lexus ISC sun is up, top is down, cold play on iPod aux, 306 HP on tap, life is good!"

yes I did eventually get behind the steering wheel of the new topless
ISC as we drove from Little Rock to Hot Springs, Arkansas on the press

And yes the sun was up, and the new aluminum top was down
in what Lexus says is a record fast 20 seconds from hard top coupe to

And yes I stomped on the go peddle to get a 0 to 60 time of 5.27 seconds on a lovely tree covered winding road.

yes I fell in love with the ISC in the same way that a middle aged man
falls in love with that cute girl in the summer dress sitting on the
park bench on a hot summer afternoon—so it can be hard to separate
instant infatuation with real love, so please keep that mind as you
keep reading.

But having just left the heated and cooled driver's seat of the new ISC I can report that following:

– The ISC 350 is fast and luxurious. Lexus has done an admirable job of combining athleticism and luxury.

With the top down, and the optional wind blocker in place, and cruising
at 70 mph the cabin is a comfortable place to have a serious
conversation without the need to raise your voice or wear a hat to keep
the hair tamed.

– Lexus says the car is a true four seater, but
I'd hate to lose a bet and have to sit in the back for any stint longer
than a short drive over lunch.

– The steering wheel feels substantial and seriously linked to the front wheels in a way that inspires confidence on new roads.

The jury is still out on the styling of the new topless ISC.  From some
angles it is curvy and sexy while at other times it seems frumpy at a
bit too curvatious.

– The heated and cooled seats coddle the driver and passenger in Lexus luxury like a fine leather coat on a chilly day.

Check back next time for a full preview along with video highlights.

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