Video: The shocking lack of cup holders exposed in the 2009 Ferrari California

FerrariCalifornia_SantaMonica Can you image paying well over $200,000 for a brand new Ferrari and not getting a single cup holder?

What, don't the rich and famous drink and drive?

OK, that sounds just wrong, but you know what we mean.

And yes the rich and famous certainly do drink and drive in their Ferrari's because a fair number of them have gotten very public DUI citation including George Michael (who just so happens to have purchased the new Ferrari California.)

OK, so technically George Michael was not really driving, more like sleeping, when he was last busted behind the wheel of a car.

Anyway, if you want to drive like George Michael and get behind the wheel of the new Ferrari supercar/cruiser/hardtop/convertible/California you'll need that extra $200,000 in your bank account, and perhaps one to three years of extra time (sitting on a wait list) to take delivery of the newest Ferrari.

But while you are waiting why not check out this 5th Gear video review of the new Ferrari California.

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Roman Mica
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