Video: German driver loves BMW cars so much he’s puchased 135 of them so far


73-year-old retiree Klaus Hammerschmidt just bought and took delivery of a brand new and shinny black BMW M6 coupe in Munich.

That may not be so remarkable except that this particular M6 coupe happens to be Hammerschmidt's 135th BMW, and 26th M car.

If you do the math that means he's gotten about two BMWs for every year that he's been alive.

And if you watch the BMW video below of Hammerschmidt taking delivery of his newest BMW in Munich, you can't help but be struck by the fact that Hammerschmidt sounds like a paid and constant infomercial for the Munich based auto manufacturer.

Which is probably why the BMW marketing folks decided to highlight Hammerschmidt in the first place…and of course the fact that he buys a a ton of their cars.