Soon you too can possibly drive the new Ferrari 458—on a Sony playstation running Gran Turismo 5


You've heard of art imitating life and perhaps even life imitating art.

And you've probably heard seen entertainment imitating life as well. Just think of the last Hollywood movie you went to see, but now with new super cars we have the strange case of life imitating entertainment.

Ferrari is just the latest in what is becoming a long line of super car manufactures to feature their yet to be sold cars in a video game. 

Case and point: Ferrari recently unveiled photos and a video of the newest super car to wear the famous Italian prancing horse badge—the Ferrari 458.

But even before the first paying customer can get behind the wheel of the new car, you'll be able to drive it if you happen to be one of the first people to get the new Gran Turismo 5.

And what's really strange is that the rendering of the car in the video game is actually better looking than the real car as shown in the official Ferrari video on

Check out the game version of the car below and decide if the real or rendered car looks better: