A $1.5 million gold, diamond, armoured Russian SUV with a whale penis leather interior


The Russian Prombron uber luxury Kombat T-98 made by Dartz makes the baddest Hummer look like a first generation WWII jeep in comparison to it.

In case you don't know Dartz claims to be the oldest armored car brand in the world
(first armored car being produced in 1912) used by the Russian Tzars.

The photo above is of the Plain Jane T-98 that sells for about 150K—Euros or  $220K U.S.

But now the way-over-the-top Dartz group says it will build a very special T-98 Monaco Red Diamond Edition complete with a whale Penis leather interior."

"The Red Diamond features a matte ruby red paint job, gold-plated
bulletproof windows, 22′ Kremlin Red Star bulletproof wheels, tungsten
and white gold gauges decorated with diamonds and rubies, an additional
outside kevlar coating, custom Vertu mobile phone with a panic button,
and, yes, a “whale penis leather” interior. Just what we’ve always
wanted. It also comes with three bottles of the world’s most expensive
vodka, RussoBaltique, another Dartz sideline adorned with yet more gold
and diamonds" according to James Spotting.

"We are strange people and we create some crazeeee projects." the Dartz guys admit.

Yes indeed!