Video: airboard personal hovercraft the perfect gift for the car guy or gal who has it all

OK, so the airboard personal hovercraft only goes about 15 mph and floats a mere 8 inches above the ground.

But…and this is a huge but…for a mere $14,000 USD you'll be the only guy or gal in your neighborhood to own one.

And best of all it is gas powered and easy to drive.

OK, maybe not that easy, but you steer it by shifting your weight from side to side.

Just watch the video below:

According to the Australian manufactures website the airboard personal hovercraft is:

"Easy to Ride
The Airboard has an electric start.
Simply start it up, hop on board, adjust the throttle and away you go.
By using varying degrees of weight transfer, the Airboard can be made
to respond in different ways – sharp or slow turns, 360º turns and
sliding turns are all possible. As your skills increase so does the
range of exciting manoeuvres you can perform.
The Airboard accelerates quickly to a top speed of 25 kph (15 mph).

Easy to Control
are two levers on the handle bar – One for lift (engine speed) and one
for thrust. By leaning back a small thrust wheel at the rear of the
vehicle can be brought into contact with the ground to assist
acceleration. When flying the rider simply leans to the left to turn to
the left, leans to the right to turn to the right. Stopping is attained
by either a sharp turn or letting go of the controls.

Easy to Maintain
four stroke petrol engine is manufacture by one of the worlds largest
manufacturers and needs only periodic maintenance. All wearing
components, such as filters and friction pads, are easily serviced by
the user.

The Airboard can be used any firm reasonably
level surface such as mown grass, asphalt, pavement etc., or any packed
dense surface that is free of stones and litter. The Airboard is notsuitable for use on water!

Ideal for beginners & skilled riders (OVER 14 YEARS OF AGE)"

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