Video: Toyota to build tens of thousands of Prius Plug-in hybrids…in two years

Toyota plans to build tens of thousands of Prius hybrids…in two years.

Why two years?

Because that's how long it will take for the current lithium-ion battery technology to catch up to the potential demand for the cars, according to Toyota.

FYI: Toyota plans to lease the first few hundred in Europe and the U.S. this year as a way to test the cars and new battery technology.

You can read all about that HERE.

As for price, Toyota says the plug-in Prius will be "affordable" with an all electric range of about 13 miles, and an all electric top speed of 60 mph.

Why 13 miles and 60 mph.

We suspect these target goals were set for the Prius plug-in because they represent nice round numbers of a20 kilometer range, and 100 kph top speed.

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Check out the video of then new Prius plug-in below: