Kid Rock puts in all in perspective with dumb ass Prius comment on Fox News

 Foxnews "I have nightmares that I'm going to wake up and everyone's driving a
Prius and living in a condo and we're all getting health insurance,
" Kid Rock told Megyn Kelly on Fox News recently.

This comment comes about 4-minutes and 30-seconds into THIS interview, and it wasn't before long before it was picked up by USA Today which wrote about the comment:

"Wow. That is a scary thought. Every American saving gas, living
modestly and not going deeply into debt if they become seriously ill.
Gives us the shivers

Singer Rock, the "cowboy crusader," elaborated:

reminds me of Europe — everyone driving a Smart car and living a condo
and that's not the American dream." Kind of makes you proud to be an
American — Hummers, mega-mansions and the poor piling up at the doors
of hospital emergency rooms to load up on free treatment."

Our take:

1) It's a testament to the freedom of speech granted in the USA that we still live in country where we can make all sorts of dumb ass comments like this one for instance:

"We have nightmares that we'll wake up and everyone is driving rusty pick-ups and living in trailer parks, and our loved ones routinely die from tooth infections because they can't afford health insurance."

See that's a pretty dumb ass comment as well, and yet we just made it, and no one from the government will come and knock on our door at 2:00 a.m. like they would have in the former communist Soviet block.

2) Shame on Megyn Kelly and Fox news. If you listen to the entire five minute interview you'll quickly realize that Kid Rock didn't want to talk about politics. He keeps repeating that he's not qualified to talk about politics and he just wants people to have a civil public discourse.

But noooooo…Kelly just keeps egging him on. She just keeps throwing more fuel on the fire until….bingo…she get's the dumb ass comment out of Kid Rock.

3) And Kid Rock just keeps going on an on about how great the American automobile industry used to be and how Detroit built great cars (57 Chevy) in every color including and especially red, white, and blue.



There's a reason no one in the U.S. kept a car for over three years in the "good old days". That's because they were built to break down after three years. Sorry Kid but the facts and the stats are not on your side. Detroit built some great cars in the past, but mostly Detroit built cars that were not meant to last and ended up broken down on the side of the road.

We love the David Wilcox song "Rusty Old American Dream," as much as the next guy or gal, but that was a marketing dream thought up by the guys in the real Mad Men and never a Detroit reality made of quality steel and metal.

And that's why the Japaneses auto makers did so well in this country. Not because of some Asian plot to steal our hard earned cash and auto industry…but because they built cars that didn't break down.

And just for the record. The reason the Prius has been and continues to be so successful is that it's a very good and very useful car. Forget the entire hybrid drive thing. The Prius just works as a car for many people's needs…and it also happens to get great gas mileage.

FYI: You can view our review of the Prius V HERE.

Kid if you are such an everyman as Megyn Kelly claims you'll understand that not everyone wants to live in your America, but that's OK. That's what makes this country so great. We don't all have to aspire to pick-ups and beer just as you don't have to own a Prius or live in a condo.

FYI: No ones trying to take away your pick-up and Harley…no matter how much money Fox News makes by scaring you into thinking that's about to happen.

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