Has the Ford Fiesta Movement (chapter 2) jumped the shark?


If you are fan of American Idol you can't help but wonder if this season the show has jumped the shark?

BTW: If you don't know what jump the shark means…just Google it.

The judges often seem to be calling in their critique, the contestants seems bored or uninterested in the competition, and the originality that made the show so fun to watch has become mundane and well worn.

In the same way the Ford Fiesta Movement (chapter 2) seems to be running on cruise control with very little excitement or originality.

Of course the first Fiesta Movement was really just a social networking billboard but it was fun, unique, and pioneering in the way that it combined new media with new cars.

Check out THIS brief video from the first Fiesta Movement as a local Denver agent gets to drive his car for the first time.

As you may recall from the first Fiesta Movement, Ford handed the keys to 100 European spec Fiestas to a small and lucky group of young drivers and insured the cars and paid for gas for six months.

In return the Fiesta agents got to drive the car, go to fun automotive events, and blog, tweet, and of course make youtube videos about their Fiesta driving adventures.

Fast forward to today and what what was young and fresh just a few months ago now feels hackneyed and honestly (as Simon Cowell likes to say) a bit self-absorbed.

We get it!

The new agents are all young, hip, and to a large extent urban. They certainly represent Ford's ideal demographic buyer for the new Fiesta.

But so what?

A few years ago the Fiesta was the forbidden fruit. It was the car that many car buyers wanted precisely because their European cousins got to drive it and we couldn't…but that all changed when Ford announced it would bring the car here.

Click HERE as we take the Fiesta for a one minute video review.

Now that the Fiesta is no longer forbidden, driving one is no longer so special.

What was cool has perhaps become just another slick commercial for a small car…but this time with a group of lucky and somewhat self-absorbed young urban hipsters who spend way too much time on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

So has the Ford Fiesta Movement (chapter 2) jumped the shark?

This is an old cliche but certainly time will tell.

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