Review 2010 Toyota Corolla: potentially the fastest car in town


Please allow me to explain my obnoxious title with a brief story.

Less than a year ago, I was bopping down a local boulevard in a bright blue Dodge challenger R/T flowing
with traffic.  I know there are
cops on this road, thus I keep a calm/collected head and saved the
heroic driving for my “special” spots.

Then it happened.

A cop; possibly hatched with no knowledge of the word “stereotype” or
“profiling” leaped on my tail and pulled me over. He was driving a
smoke gray Dodge Charger with nary an identifying feature. As he laid
in to me about my excessive speed (I was going 42 in a 35) I pondered
the moment and realized that I never passed a motorist; in fact: I was
passed by a truck carrying gravel but moments before Jon Law pulled me

He said, “Never saw NO truck pass you boy.”


So, about a year later, at the same spot, scooting along in my 2010
Toyota Corolla tester at well over 50 mph, I passed the same,
linguistically challenged cop (I instantly recognized his Dodge). I was
in a hurry to get to a bathroom after a bout with an improperly cooked
breakfast burrito. I was NOT about to slow down.

Nothing happened.


The 132 horsepower, 1.8 liter, 4-cylinder engine buzzed along happily
and the 4-speed automatic shifted smoothly – even when pressed hard.
This little guy drives easily and despite its 4-speed (most economy
cars are beginning to adopt more gears) I averaged an impressive 27 mpg
(yes – even when speeding past cops). Sure, it’s inexorably slow to
shift – but it is smooth when it does.

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During my Corolla rampage (“RAMPAGE?”
ha, ha, ha!) I was pleased with the fairly supportive seats; however,
when my kid’s baby seat is placed behind me, I have to sit bolt upright
to fit his seat – not fun when battling a swollen colon. A few days
later, my 5 year-old threw a fit when she discovered that there was no
center armrest in the back to play with. Plastics felt okay, as were
most materials – but nothing exceptional.

Honestly, it seems cheaper than the 2007 I sampled a few years back.

A few days later, I drove home and past not one but
THREE cops in various places – waiting – prepared to crush evil-doers
of the roadways. By now you know I’m of limited intelligence and don’t
abide by posted speed limits. Even a monosyllabic goon like me has the
wherewithal to realize that he is nearly invisible to the Fuzz.

Honestly, if I took the modest looking (like the dwarf lovechild of a
Camry and Avalon) body of the 2010 Toyota Corolla and dropped a 500
horsepower engine in it – I could get away with MURDER!
As it stands, the 128 lbs of torque moves the simple Corolla at a
(very) leisurely 11.1 second 0 to 60 mph time (measured at 6,000 feet).

Now, who here likes vanilla ice cream? Well, this little Toyota is a
diet vanilla. This Nutrasweet-like Toyota’s sticker hovers around
$18,500 for a nicely equipped model. What that price won’t get you is
steering feel as it is rather nonexistent. The good news for the 2010
Toyota Corolla is that it is one of the best riding commuters I’ve
sampled in its bracket. It’s slow and numb to be sure – but it soaks up
bumps and has a ride that mimics its larger Camry mother.

The 2010 Toyota Corolla is a (sigh) nice car for nice people who like a nice ride.

As for the sensationalized throttle thing; in one week of abuse, I can
report no issues with floor-mats leaping onto accelerators or
electronic gremlins within. I have known and written on several Toyota
products which have always shown an uncanny ability to last for a long
time. Despite the whole mess – I know that Toyota still builds good

After a few summary executions, flogging and ritualistic (heavily assisted) suicides, Toyota will clean house of those who royally screwed up and return to their respectable selves.

So, check out the 2010 Toyota Corolla; it remains a (fairly) safe and
sane purchase for those who secretly desire to put it to the man… or

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