The U.K.’s Autocar samples the Aston Martin Rapide in this very strange video


Check out this very strange video of Aston Martin's new four passenger/door Rapide.

While the car is certainly a much better looker than the Porsche Panamera, the video doesn't really highlight the car's better side.

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For Instance:

Why is there a strange man with black sunglasses and a laptop sitting in the back seat?

Why do we really care how (and how well) the car's air-conditioner works? For the money…it better work and work well.

Why, when we see the guys inside the car, are they riding around a green and leafy city, but when we see the car from the outside it is driving through the sandy desert. 

And finally why does the Autocar reporter say he has adequate room in the back of the car when he looks he's about as comfortable as a suppository in a you know what?

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