Video: Prius driver saved by Highway Patrol as his car careens completely out of control

That's a pretty sensationalistic headline don't you think?

"Prius driver saved by Highway Patrol as his car careens completely out of control"

And its exactly the kind of headline that must make Toyota engineers and executives cringe, yet does this headline really tell the entire story of the runaway Prius?

CNN reports that:

"The driver of a Toyota Prius says he was taken on a wild ride Monday
after the car's accelerator became stuck, reaching speeds in excess of
90 mph on a winding, hilly portion of a southern California interstate.

It took the California Highway Patrol to bring the car safely to a stop."

Click HERE to see a demonstration of how some of Toyota's newest cars are designed to be driven-by-wire.

His name is Jim Sikes and he was traveling down Interstate 8 outside of the San Diego when his Prius went completely out of control, according to the latest version of the story that's being reported today.

Watch the video below for all of the scary details.

According to Sikes he tried everything to stop the car but to no avail. The story almost sounds as if the car was haunted as the Prius reached speeds of 94 mph.

Yet…could it really be that everything he tried to stop the car really didn't work?

It's hard to image that that not one of the following actions would slow or even stop the car:

1) Stepping on the brakes

2) Engaging the emergency brake

3) Putting the car in neutral

4) Turning the car off

And still it took a highway patrol car in front of the Prius to safely bring the car to a stop.

Could there be some truth in the comments posted after the CNN story?

"FreewayZorro writes

order to over ride the accelerator all you have to do is to throw the
car in neutral. So one figures a decent driver education class does


"Reasons writes

smart do you have to be to put your car into neutral.. or turn if off
and use the brakes while coasting to a stop. It's not the cars that are
killing people… it's stupid Americans that don't know how to drive."


"Rizzato writes

at everyone tryin to show how smart they are. Congrats you know how to
stop a runaway car. Doesn't mean anyone should have to stop a runaway
car. Its 2010 why do we have runaway cars."

Toyota has dispatched a team of engineers to examine the car.

Perhaps the car's black box will shed some more light on what potentially caused he car to go out of control?

But until Toyota and authorities can further investigate this strange incident, there will be yet another news cycle of sensationalistic news reports that probably do more to sell news than to shed light on what's really going on with all of these out of control cars.

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