Video: You don’t need to be on the highway in a Toyota to experience unintended acceleration

Car1 So how often has this happened to you?

You're in high rise parking structure and you put your Mercedes in reverse, and the next thing you know you've just added more sunlight by adding a new window to a dark and dank parking garage.

According to Tulsa, Oklahoma police the driver of this car got his foot stuck on the accelerator pedal and he wasn't able to stop until he had smashed through the wall.


It could happen to anyone.

And we're sure you already suspect this from your own experience but Tulsa World reports that, "Officials were able to drive the Mercedes back into the parking garage, as the back wheels were not completely outside the building."

Oh yes, and of course, there was some additional damage to cars parked below the new garage window so easily created by the driver of the Mercedes.

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