Weekly Drive Cadillac SRX Turbo AWD: More power, more car and more snowy fun


It wasn't all that long ago that we reviewed the 2010 Cadillac SRX.

We thought that Cadillac had hit a solid home run with the new luxury crossover. We were so impressed with the new Caddy that we called it a "Great American Car" and hated to see it go.

Our only two complaints:

1) The name and

2) Not enough power.

You can watch that complete video review HERE.


So, as you might imagine, we were thrilled when Cadillac handed us the keys to the 2010 SRX Turbo. The name was still the same, but now we had the bigger turbo engine and AWD.

For the record the SRX Turbo V6 2.8L puts out a very respectable and capable 300 HP. Plenty of power to pass, or merge onto the highway, but with an as tested 0-60 time of 7.5 seconds…don't expect blow the doors of any sports cars at the stop light on your way to work.


Adequate…would be the word we would use to describe the power of the SRX turbo. The same word could be used to describe the fuel mileage of 15/22 mpg (EPA numbers) with an as tested 19.2 mpg on premium.

Our tester came with 20" painted aluminum wheels and not so inconsequential $53,480.00 sticker price. You'll note that did include about every option under the sun including navigation and a back seat entertainment system with wireless headphones for those peaceful long haul family vacations or just for backseat entertainment fun for all.

Photo-2 What wasn't so fun was the SRX Turbo in the snow.

In Colorado almost every AWD car becomes an instant ski car so we wanted to test the SRX in the slippery stuff. Lucky a late spring snow storm made that possible and indeed very informative.

The best way to describe the SRX in freezing/slushy/snowy conditions is a goat on ice.

The combination of massive 20" inch wheels and Michelin touring All-Season light truck tire does not a snow car make. In fact, it made for some pretty white knuckled driving trying to keep the SRX from dancing off the road when turbo kicked it.

And speaking of which…don't even think about going off-road in the snow with the factory wheel and tire set-up. This is definitely a Caddy that needs snow tires for any serious Colorado style ski car duty, not to mention off-road antics.

But that's really not what the SRX is about, and to be fair that also the only drawback to a Cadillac that otherwise is an almost perfect combination of sport utility and classic American luxury.

On our new TFLcar.com rating scale of:

– Forget it

– Lease it and

– Buy it

We give the Cadillac SRX Turbo AWD a:

Buyit_Buy-It! The 2010 Cadillac SRX Turbo gets our strong "Buy It!" recommendation for anyone that looking for a sporty, stylish and luxurious crossover that will put a smile on your knowing face ever time you get behind the steering wheel. 

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