Video crash: How and when it all went terribly wrong for Volvo this week


This is one of those priceless moments that you can't really undo for any amount of money.

At a recent press event in Sweden, Volvo set out to demonstrate its new Collision
Warning with Auto Brake system. The company catapulted a
new 2011 S60 sedan toward a stationary truck with the press cameras rolling.

The script called for the car to automatically apply the brakes to prevent the crash.

And guess what happened?

Exactly what you think would happen if you hurled an unmanned car at a stationary truck (See video below).

Click HERE to watch as we test the current version of Volvo's Auto Brake system.

Volvo's response? The test "suffered as the result of a human error in
preparation" because the car's battery was at the issue, and that "had a
human been driving, he or she would have noticed the system was not
operating correctly

We believe Volvo as in a previous test (as well as our own) the system worked as advertised, but that does not change the perception this video will leave with many car buyers as it is now a popular feature on YouTube and Swedish news reports.

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