In California electronic license plates on cars are the new advertising frontier


You've probably seen adverting in restaurant bathrooms, and of course some professional athletes are wearing their sponsors logo tattoos on their bodies, but now California is considering taking advertising to the next frontier…your car's license plate.

Desperate times call for desperate measures so with California facing a $19 billion dollar budget shortfall, Senate Bill 1453 seems to be a unique way to raise additional revenue for the state.

According to the Senate Bill, proposed new electronic license plates would look like current plates, but the second you stop your car for four seconds or more an ad or a message would appear on your car's license plate.

According to published reports Californian Juan Portilla of Sacramento is not amused: "Why does the state want to
advertise on my vehicle. Once again it's… an invasion of your privacy

"Logistically it's a technological nightmare," marketing entrepreneur
Brian Roat said to "Roat
used LCD technology on billboards during last months' Tour of California
bike race. "I'm having a hard time seeing how something like this is
going to be durable enough?"

So far SB 1453 has passed one Senate Committee as it continues to work its way through the California legislature.

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