Video: Jay Leno doesn’t drive (or even ride) the Rocket II Trike


Usually Jay Leno likes to drive the the crazy original and crazy expensive exotic cars that he highlights on his web videos as part of Jay Leno's garage.

Oh no…but not this time.

There's something about the 1000 horsepower Rocket II Trike that either has Leno spooked, or perhaps violates a "Jay won't do anything stupid or silly dangerous" contractual clause he has with NBC to protect their investment.

Or perhaps Frogman and designer of the trike Tim Cotterill, stopped Jay from driving his one of a kind trike.

After all the trike was built by Blastolene, the same crazy guys who built Jay's tank car.

There's a lot to fear from the Rocket II Trike starting with the fact that it only get 3 mpg and has a 10 gallon or so fuel tank. We'd hate to run out of gas in this monster.

Check out the video below as Jay does not ride (or even drive) the trike.

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