How important are electric cars to the future of Volkwagen? VW Chairman says…


Volkswagen has been very clear about the fact that it wants to surpass Toyota as the largest car manufacturer in the world.

VW just gobbled up Porsche and the company continues to grow around the world.

At a recent press conference in Palo Alto, California VW Chairman Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn stated that he VW projects sales of electric and hybrid cars to account for 3 percent of all VW sales by 2018.

That’s not really all that much when you think about it.

In the next few years VW plans on introducing a new 2011 Touareg hybrid as well as a Jetta hybrid.

Plus the company has plans to built an all electric small car called the E-UP as part of their “E-Mobility” strategy.

So how important are electric cars to the future of Volkswagen, and will the American car buyer lead the way to VW hybrid and electric car sales?

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