Weekly Drive: Is the 2010 Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon angly or just aggressive?


The 2010 Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon showed up in my driveway all angly and aggressive.   The exterior of the Cadillac is definitely different than any other wagon out there, there’s no inclination for the CTS to appear European like its competition.  If you don’t have that inclination either, the CTS Sport Wagon is definitely worth a look.

My test car came with a V6 engine that felt capable, it emitted a quiet growl which sounded moderately aggressive but didn’t turn many heads.  I was interested to see how many looks I got in this car during my week-long test. 


The interior of the CTS Sport Wagon is impeccable.  The leather is sporty, yet looks upscale with the addition of wood trim and metal accents on the doors, dash, and center console. Details like a power tailgate, contrast stitching, and zippered covers on the latch connectors abound. And while black leather is hot in July, the ventilated seats alleviate most of the discomfort. What a welcome feature, I’m sure it will get used throughout the test.  I’m intrigued to find out how these features function in the real world.

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