iPhone First Look: Is the supercharged 2010 Jaguar XF ticket worthy?


The 2010 Jaguar is freaking amazing. I am a little overwhelmed and intimidated by it because it’s got a huge 460 horsepower supercharged V8 engine. I’m beginning to have the Seinfeldian conversation with myself that I have over some of the more powerful vehicles I test, “Is it ticket worthy?”

If I get a ticket during the course of my test of the Jaguar XF, will that be okay with me? Is it worth the potential insurance rate increase? Is it worth the traumatic ding in my driving record? There was only one answer to all these questions. Yes. Yes, the XF is ticket worthy.

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But even just sitting in the driveway with the car is exciting. With a push of the start button, the XF comes to life, opening the vents and raising the shift knob (yes, knob). Just starting the car brings me to life, with the throaty roar of the engine I’m ready to go anywhere, any time.

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