BMW integrates Apple tech by letting backseat passenger stay connected to iPad


It’s about time. That’s what we say.

Most auto manufactures have spent way too long trying to reinvent the wheel by coming up with either goofy or clunky technology solutions for their cars…and that includes BMW which is still working to remove the stink from the first generation of iDrive.

But now the Bavarian automaker has taken a huge step forward by introducing a nifty way to incorporate the iPad into their cars. Check out this new iPad docking station that BMW will show off at the upcoming Paris Auto show.


Best of all…BMW’s new ConnectedDrive system works with Apple iOS4 which means that you’ll potentially be able to use your iPhone to convert your car into a mobile hotspot so you can use the iPad to check email or entertain the kids.

We think it’s about time that car manufacturers got serious about mobile technology beyond just having the car connect to the phone for hands-free conversations.

Bluetooth wizardry can do so much more than just let you chat with your mom without holding the phone to you ear.

BTW: Check out the video below as we take an insider’s peek into how Ford is now using Microsoft Sync technology to connect your phone to stream your favorite music.

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