The Fast Lane Car: The TV Show

ShanklyheaderIf you’re a car guy or gal, and you’ve watched the last few weeks of the American version of Top Gear, you’ve probably had this thought:

“You know what…I think I can do a better job than those guys.”

Of course unless you happen to be crazy wealthy and/or famous, like Jay Leno, you don’t have the budget, and the access to hundreds of new cars…especially not supercars.

You probably also don’t have the access to the technical equipment and expertise needed to produce, edit and of course air a nationally syndicated car show on TV.

We here at The Fast Lane Car also don’t have the budget, or the resources to air a nationally syndicated car show, but we have a few things going for us.

First…we’re pretty sure that we can do a good job with a car show, at least up to the standards of the competition (read Top Gear U.S.A and of course Motorweek).

We also have access to hundreds of new cars since we review cars for a living…some of which might even be considered as super.

And finally we own a video camera, a Macintosh computer, and most importantly we know how to use them.

So without further delay…here’s episode #1 of The Fast Lane Car.

It’s certainly not Motorweek, and it’s certainly not Top Gear USA, but (at least we think) its fun to watch in a garage band Automotive USA Today sort of way.

We hope you agree.

Thanks for watching!

Episode 1

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