2011 Geneva Auto Show Highlights Volkswagen’s Bulli Microbus T1 Concept

New Microbus 1 

VW Speak: “Bulli” = Microbus (USA) or T1 (just about everywhere else).

First of all, before you get too enthusiastic about this minivan, keep in mind that this is a concept vehicle. Sadly, Volkswagen had a similar minivan a while back and killed it after teasing several hippies, yuppies and a few regurgitated beatniks.

Sorry folks, no air-cooled boxer engines in the back. 

The electric driveline is all up front and kind of illogical for current production. Still, it looks like Volkswagen could quickly drop the lithium-ion battery powered electric motor and plop in a variety of internal combustion engines. Hell, if the platform is shared with other VWs (it probably is) there is a possibility of all wheel drive too!   

I know – I’m getting excited about a friggin’ minivan.

Interior vw bulli 

The entire design is a tribute of Microbuses of the past. Front and rear seats are three across bench allowing for up to six people to ride. There looks to be enough space for a small third row too. All controls are über high tech with a full infotainment setup that can be integrated with an iPad. 

Volkswagen has yet to discuss the future of such a vehicle. You can bet that people who are sick of lifeless minivans will line up to get one of these – especially if they look as good as this concept. We’ll keep you posted!

Here’s some brand new footage from the 2011 Geneva Auto Show!



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