Sneak peak video: Fastest ever Volkswagen Golf R returns to the U.S.


At the beginning of 2012 Volkswagen is bringing back the very hot-hatch Golf R, and this time it is the fastest Golf ever….just in time as Mitsubishi has recently announced that it will no longer build the Evo. The new VW Golf R will have just over 250 horsepower and all-wheel-drive…powered by a 2.0L FSI turbo-charged engine that sounds like a de-tuned Formula 1 car.

The all new 2012 Golf R will easily fill the big shoes of the now departed Golf R32. It will feature a 6 speed manual transmission, all-wheel-drive, and two cannon exhaust poking out below the center of the rear bumper.

The Golf R will also come with either three or five doors with an MSRP of about 33K.

And unlike the Golf it will only be available in two trim options. While both versions come with black leather, the more expensive model will have an upgraded stereo, navigation, sunroof among the more interesting goodies.

Both version of the Golf R will come with standard 18 inch wheels fitted with all season tires, and of course all the speedy fun you can stand.

Today we had the chance to take the new U.S. bound 2012 Golf R for a spin through Switzerland and France. Here's a brief Sneak Peak video to give you a taste of what VW will be bringing over from Germany at the end of this year.

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