Video: watch an extremely peeved Chinese Lamborghini Gallardo owner smash his new car with a sledgehammer


It is painful enough to watch this video of a very unhappy and unsatisfied Chinese Lamborghini Gallardo owner smash his new car to bits but here’s the real crazy part.

In China a new Lamborghini Gallardo cost the equivalent of between $529,000 and $757,000 USD.

The owner of this particular car was unhappy with the service he received from the Lamborghini dealership and after contacting Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann and getting nowhere he decided to make a point of his dissatisfaction with a sledgehammer.

According to China Car Times, the car’s owner, “decides to smash the sports car on the World Consumer Rights Day to vent his strong dissatisfaction with and disappointment at Lamborghini’s differentiated services in China and Europe, and its downgraded standard for service providers.”

Calls up crazy but a strongly worded letter followed-up by a phone call might have been a more reasonable…if less satisfying solution to the Chinese Lamborghini Gallardo owner problem.

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