Quirky video review: New wired Audi A7 takes Google Earth on the road


The brand new Audi A7 not only gets you to where you are going, but it will even show what your destination looks like thanks to Google Earth.

The wired luxury hatchback, that’s right hatchback, comes with a new navigation system that’s plugged into Google Earth to give you an almost real time satellite view of your surrounding.

Audi has a new partnership with T-Mobile in America that not only works with Google Earth but will also tranform the car into a mobile hot spot for those who want to stay wired all of the time.

Check out the video below as we reveal the top three car quirks of the 2012 Audi A7.

BTW: You can also see a full review of the new Audi A7 HERE as we mash it up against a Jaguar XFR to see which one of these luxurious and supercharged cars is the best best sedan in the land.


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